Inspires 2 Aspire became a reality in 2009 with the assistance of the Summit DD Community Employment Services Micro-Enterprise Grant Program and my family support group. We share a portion of our profits with organizations who support individuals with developmental disabilities. 

If you need to send a card to someone, but are at a loss for words, let us help. A family facing an uncertain future is looking for encouragement and support. They need congratulations on the birth of their baby and a glance at the possibilities ahead for their future. We want to share the realities instead of the fears.

What separates my cards from the pack? Not only are my cards meant to make someone feel good, 
but to educate as well, both the sender and the recipient. I have a distinct target audience, but they
are also good for anyone. By purchasing my cards, you support my efforts to become self-sufficient.

Cards are available for purchase at theses locations or on this website:
 Inspires 2  Aspire,                 463 Locust Street, Akron                                 330.785.9999                  Towpath Tennis Center      2108 Akron Peninsula Rd., Akron                    330.928.8763 
 A Day In The Country,                  Hendersonville, NC                                   828.692.7914
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